• Arinbjorn Jannison

    Arinbjorn Jannison

    He has power-armor, an axe, a pistol, and enough booze to throw a one-viking feast. Apparently he doesn't die. Drekka vini mína!
  • Catherine Sissler

    Catherine Sissler

    Former Private Eye. Suffered from migraines for most of her life, until her powers manifested suddenly in a violent empathic blast! Cool, except her Dad was in the blast radius. Now she is a pacifist and refuses to use her powers to harm others.
  • Jack Maddox

    Jack Maddox

    A gruff, tough martial artist who got kicked off the force after beating a suspect to near-death. He has dark powers granted to him by a family curse involving the ancient demon trapped in his body! Oooo, spooky!
  • Matthias Anderson

    Matthias Anderson

    He has a shocking knack for poetry and his lightning-quick wit is impressive too. When he wants to, he can scare off foes with a thundering intimidation. Oh, and he has electricity powers.
  • Ryder Cross

    Ryder Cross

    He descends from a long line of trench-coat wearing mysterious people, and his trench coat might be the most mysterious trench coat in all of Trenchville. Ryder can do shadowy stuff, it's pretty neat.
  • VA13N331


    He pronounces his name 'Valineel,' so that's what his friend's call him. Except, he has no friends... Son of a mad scientist, as a boy he was very sickly and so his papa decided to replace most of his body with machinery. Now he's a cyborg. Yay!
  • Kenny Reynolds

    Kenny Reynolds

    Kenny is a really fast guy. He's almost as fast as he is loud, and he's almost as loud as he is annoying.